Small Group Bible Studies

We believe that God calls us into community with one another, and this community should spend time praying for each other, studying the Bible, and encouraging each other.  We offer a number of opportunities for this throughout the week.  If you see a group of interest, please contact us here for location information.

1) Adult Bible Study

Tuesdays – 7pm-8:30pm

An opportunity to spend some time in the Scriptures in community.

2) Ekklesia Youth Bible Study – Fridays – 5pm-6:30pm

Is Christian faith relevant today?  If you are a Christian, what does that mean?  We want to give you safe place to ask questions, and discuss the important ideas in life.

3) Membership Classes – Sundays – 12pm

Interested in become a member in our church?  This is the small group for you!  Led by Major Grace, we discuss the things that make the doctrines of Salvation Army, the things that make us who we are, and what it means to follow Jesus.  Contact us to find out when the next set of classes


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