Weekly Kids & Youth Programs

Sunday: SONday’sCool (During Sunday Morning Worship) – 10:30am

Our weekly Sunday School program is named “SONday’sCool”, and we think our classes are pretty cool.  We sing songs, play games, and learn more about who God is what He has to say about life and faith.  For ages 2-12 years old.

On the 4th Sunday of the month (with a couple of exceptions), the youth and children take the lead in worship, reading Scripture, praying, and singing and leading the music.  It is their opportunity to bless the church through Sunday morning leadership.

Mondays: #KidzKlub (formerly Pioneer Club) (Grades JK-7) – 4pm-6pm (Starting September 18th)

#KidzKlub is new Monday after school program.   It’s a great time for kids from JK to Grade 7 to participate in a variety of activities, games, and Bible time.  We will learn a new skill during a 4-5 week block.  Hang out with new and old friends and have tonnes of fun!  Registration is needed for this program. The cost is $40 for the season, or $2 a session

Tuesday: SportsZone (Ages 7-12) – 4pm-6pm (Starting September 19th)

Our other after school program; kids ages 7-12 to get some exercise, work on basic sport/athletic skills.  We will be running ball hockey Sept 19-Nov 21.  We have a snack, a short Bible time, and lots of fun and games. Registration is needed for this program.  The cost is $2 per session, or $5 for 4 weeks

Friday: Ekklesia Youth (Ages 12-18): 5pm-9pm

Facebook Group

Ekklesia is the Greek word that is translated into “church” in the Bible; it also means “assembly” or “gathering”. That’s what our youth group is: a chance to gather and grow together. We hang out, have some fun, and share life.  We meet every week for Bible time and some fun 6:30pm-9:15pm. Stay in touch, however, as sometimes we need to shift times to accommodate event times.

PA Party Days (Grades JK-7) – Simcoe County School District PA Days

When school takes a break, we step our game up.  We have a different theme each day, with all kinds of fun games, crafts, activities, and Bible time.  We also provide the snacks and lunch.  The cost is $15/child.  The flyer can be found here.

Check our Facebook Group to see what is on the go.


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